Patient & Attendant Guidelines

   It is a promise that Nutema Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Is endeavored to treat the patient’s medical condition and safeguard his/ her well–being regardless of age, race, language, religion, or social status.


    Rights of a patient at Nutema Hospital are:


  • Right to information about his/her disease, treatment, and other related information.

  • The right to information about what health care services are available and what charges are involved.

  • Right to confidentiality and privacy.

  • The right to obtain a copy of medical test records.

  • The right to have a second opinion.

  • Right to refusal of treatment.

  • Right to informed consent before Anesthesia, blood & blood product transfusions, and any invasive/high-risk procedure/treatment.                                                                                                                      Patient responsibilities are:

  • To participate to the best of their ability in making a decision about their treatment and to comply with the agreed plan of care.

  • Ask for information from their physician or other care providers if they do not understand any information or instructions.

  • To be considerate of others receiving and providing care and to comply with facility policies and procedures.

  • To accept financial responsibilities for healthcare received and settle bills promptly.

  • Keep any appointments that you make or notify the hospital as early as possible if you are unable to do so.

  • Do not ask healthcare providers to provide incorrect information, receipt of certificates.

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