Service Standards At Nutema


  • A good standard of services and an adequate degree of patient care is provided. Workable ratios between doctor to patient, nurses to patients, and beds to patients are maintained to the extent of availability of resources and facilities.

  • Consistent with this every possible effort is made by this hospital.

  • To provide professional medical care to all patients who visit the hospital.

  • All the OPD patients are attended by the specialist Doctors within the maximum waiting time of 1 hour. We continuously strive to improve upon this, however during the rush time or due to the engagement of consultants with emergency procedures, the waiting time may increase which will be informed to waiting patients.

  • To ensure the availability of bed and operation theaters as freely as possible.

  • To ensure the treatment of emergency cases with utmost promptitude and attention.

  • All patients and visitors to the hospital will receive courtesy and prompt attention from the staff and officials of the hospital.

  • All the measures for infection control e.g. fumigation, autoclaving, etc, are performed as per the standards.

  • Operation theatre shall be maintained on regular basis to ensure that they are serviceable at all the time.

  • Every effort will be made to keep the hospital and its surroundings clean, infection-free & hygienic.

  • A regular system of obtaining feedback from discharge patients is in use for constantly improving the service standards.

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