• Dr Priyanka Garg

The Future of Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Womens HealthCare

Both Medicine and Health care are changing and changing fast. All these changes apply to OBGYN as well as the care of women for female diseases, pregnancy, childbirth and beyond has undergone revolutionarychanges intherecenttimes. Scope of OBSGYN is now no longer limited to specific interventions provided at a given moment in a woman s life. Rather the profession working in partnership with women, is now a task of supporting them across their lives, A LIFE COURSE APPROACH. We now promote healthy lifestyles and undertake preventive measures like adolescent vaccinations, Chlamydia screening, pre-conception care, promoting menopausal health, cancer screening across occasions when disease brings her in contact us. The traditional model of working of an OBGYN has been torn apart and we have moved to a more technology driven diagnosis. Better, quicker and more sensitive, specific diagnostic aids are becoming available . Sim's speculum is being gradually replaced by colposcopes and office hysteroscopes, per vaginal examination now supported by finger ultrasound scanners and operating surgeons gradually turning to robots. Electronic decision support systen1s are helping us to make surer decisions about treatment and care . Some treatments that previously required surgery can now be undertaken medically. Hysterectomy has been substituted by LNG-IUS, abortions undertaken medically, ectopics no longer require bigger scars, only chemotherapy doing the needful. Extensive Antibiotic coverage has been replaced to antibiotic prophylaxis. Allopathic medicines changed to anti-oxidants. Drug delivery systems have expanded beyond the oral cayity with vaginal, rectal suppositories, rings, implants being extensively used now-a - days in gynaecology. Cancer management is now

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