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Blood Bank

Nutema Hospital Blood Bank encourages safe blood transfusions and supports voluntary blood donation as well as the responsible use of blood components. 100% component separation and effective inventory management through regular donor recruiting and motivation programmes maximise the use of blood products. One of the department's key assets is a well-established registry of rare donors. Antibody screening and identification, Blood grouping, pre-transfusion testing, and a variety of immuno-haematological assays are all provided by laboratories. Patient blood management, donor and therapeutic apheresis, and transfusion support with unique blood components including irradiated, leukodepleted, washed, and minor phenotypic matching red blood cells are among the department's clinical services. The unit also provides TEG-based component therapy and a massive transfusion regimen. Recently, hematopoietic stem cells from peripheral blood have begun to be isolated using apheresis technology, and the bone marrow transplant team includes experts in transfusion medicine. Blood is given to people with thalassemia, haemophilia, sickle cell disease, and retroviral diseases.

Committed to the prevention of transfusion-transmitted infections

Nutema Hospital's Department of Blood Bank has incorporated Rapid Automated Analyzer Chemi-Luminescence Immuno Assay(CLIA).. Abott Architect 1000ir ..
Its quick/simple human error free(complete automation) sample processing/ultra sensitive(low false negative)/ specific(low false positive) with clear intrepretation of results and quality and quantitate seprate values for antigen & antibodies for HIV. The results are well consistent with NAT. Ensures quality of blood and safety of clinical transfusion.

Blood Bank Machine with team
Blood Bank Machine

  • Well-stocked Medicine
  • High-tech Instruments
  • 24 Hours Emergency Service
  • Cutting-edge Technology

Blood Bank Donar 1
Blood Bank Donar 2

Who can donate blood

Humans who are in generally good health Anyone between the ages of 18 and 60 Individual must weigh greater than 50 kg. Over 12.5 grammes of haemoglobin is ideal.


The HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Malaria, and syphilis tests are done on your blood.

Lost Plasma

Your body makes new blood cells in 8 weeks and new plasma in 48 hours. Donating blood does not weaken your body in any way.

Be a Special Donor

Donate apheresis platelets more often than whole blood, no more than twice per week or 24 times per year.

Blood Bank Lab
Blood Bank Team | Nutema Hospital

Procedure and equipment at Nutema hospital

1. Donor Screening
• Hb Check
• Consent form/Screening
• Length Scale/Weight
• Thermometer/B. P Instrument

2. Phlebotomy
• Blood Bags
• R-F Tube Sealer
• Tourniquet
• Automatic Donor Couch
• Emergency Drug Tray/Crash Cart
• Micropipette/Pilot Tubes
• Haemocue
• (Double/Single/Quadruple /Triple -In Line Filters)
• Blood Collection Monitor
• Anti-Sera (A, B, D)
• B.P Instrument

3. Blood Component preparation and Storage
• Refrigerated Centrifuge
• Single Pan/Double Pan balance
• Freezer -80, -40 and -25/Plasma Refrigerator
• Radio Frequency Tube Sealer
• Platelet Incubator and Agitator
• Inline/Lab side Leuco-Filters
• Plasma Extractor
• Laminar Air Flow Cabinet
• Blood Bank Refrigerator
• Cryo Bath/Plasma Thaw Bath

4. Component pooling
• Collection Set Modification- Double Pan Balance
• Preparation of component Aliquot- R-F Tube Sealer
• Apheresis Set Modification- Sterile connecting Welder/Device
• Leucocyte filtration of Blood-Transfer Bags
• Stem cell Processing
• Quality Control Sampling

5. Single Donor Platelet Apheresis
• Platelet Additive Solution for Universal Platelet
• Leucophersis- Terumo Trima Accel-7 Cell Seprator
• PlateletDepletion
• Red Blood Cell Exchange
• Therapeutic Plasma Exchange- Terumo Optia Cell Seprator and Blood Collection System
• Bone Narrow Processing

6. Transmittable Infection Screening, Transfusion
• Micropipette
• Rapid Antigen Detection Lateral Flow Assay Cards
• Hot Air Oven
• Elisa Reader-Washer

7. ImmunoHemotogy/Serology
• Water Bath
• Reagent Refrigerator
• Tulip Matrix Card Incubator
• Tulip Matrix Gel Card System
• Incubator
• Anti-Sera (A,B,D) AHG,Anti-H Lactin,Anti A1 Lactin,Anti-D Igg
• Tulip Matrix Card Centrifuge
• Automated Centrifuge

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