About Dr. Sandeep Kumar Garg

Dr. Sandeep Kumar Garg with a 20 years of experience ,is a specialist in Kidney Diseases, Dialysis, Renal Transplantation, and Hypertension. Nutema Hospital has the most experienced Nephrologists in India. He has been promoting a successful Kidney Transplant Program for the last 12 years in Meerut and NCR, with more than 150 transplants to his credit.

Dr. Sandeep Kumar Garg is among the most qualified Nephrologists in Meerut. He is working as Director, consultant Nephrologist, Dialysis Expert and Renal Transplant Physician at Nutema Hospital, Meerut, formerly attached to Anand Hospital Meerut and Lokpriya Hospital Meerut. He has been practising in Meerut for over years as a Consultant Nephrologist. You can meet Dr. Sandeep Kumar Garg personally at Nutema Hospital in Meerut.

Dr. Sandeep Kumar Garg regularly participates in CMEs as a presenter or chairperson or com– chairperson; during covid times, he regularly attends and does various webinars on various international and national forums. He has various publications and presentations to his credit in various forms.

Dr. Sandeep Kumar Garg has put his whole life into making sure his patients are healthy up to this point. He is sure that a doctor's dedication and care can bring healing, comfort, and hope to his patients' lives.

  • Speciality

    Kidney Diseases, Dialysis & 250+ Kidney Transplants.

  • Degrees

    • MBBS, • MD (Internal Medicine)
    • DM (Nephrology)

  • Areas of Expertise
    • Chronic Kidney Diseases (CKD)
    • Renal Transplant
    • Acute Kidney Failure
    • Anemia of kidney Diseases
    • Diabetic Kidney Diseases
    • Glomerular Diseases
    • Hypertension
    • Hematuria
    • Renal Cell Carcinom
  • Office

    OPD 4, Ground Floor, Nutema Hospital, Meerut

Best Nephrologist Meerut
Best Nephrologist Doctor Meerut

Medical Education

Educational qualification of Dr. Sandeep Kumar Garg



MLN Medical College, Allahabad, U.P.


MD (Internal Medicine)

LLRM Medical College Meerut, U.P.


Senior Resident

Sanjay Gandhi PG Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow, U.P.


DM (Nephrology)

SMS Medical College, Jaipur Rajasthan

Special Interest

Special interest in Critical Care Nephrology, Dialysis and Kidney Transplant.

  • Renal Transplantation
  • Dialysis
  • Kidney Diseases
  • Hypertension

Nephrologist in Meerut
Nephrologist Doctor in Meerut


• Haemolyticuraemic Sydrome ( review ) – Update of critical care medicine 2003

• Torsemide ( review ) – Rajasthan medical journal 2004

• Acute renal failure in neonates original article in Indian Journal of Nephrology

• Prune belly syndrome case report Indian journal of Nephrology

• Approach to a case of Acute Renal failure in National integrated Medical Association in May 2006

• Glomerularproteinuria How to treat in National integrated Medical Associated Dec. 2006

• Strategies for prevention of progression of renal failure in National integrated medical Association july 2006

• Treatment of Adult nephritic Syndrome in National integrated Medical Association Feb 2007

Nephrologist near me
Nephrologist Doctor near me


• 2 – D Echocardiographic evaluation of patients with mitral valve prolapsed – APICON 1999

• Haemodynamic complications in patients of acute renal failure during haemodialysis – UPICON 2000

• Spectrum of rapidly progressive renal failure – ISNCON 2002

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• Nephritic syndrome & Landry gullianbarre syndrome – Rare association – ISNCON 2004

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• Lower prevalence of post transplant infection in recently developed transplant center in northern India – JASN 2004

• Biocompatibility of PD Fluid – Role of Glucose Degradation Products (GDPs) & Advanced Glyacation End * Products ( AGEs ) – CAPD CME 2004


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