Cardiac Cath Lab

Noninvasive Cardiology

One of the best places for heart care in Meerut is the Cardiology Department at Nutema Hospital. As part of our services, we care for all heart patients who go to Nutema Hospital. We have the city's most dedicated and experienced team, so we can work on any heart tissue and get good results. We take care of patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Nutema Hospital has Noninvasive cardiology lab with

  • ECG
  • Echo
  • Foetal Echo
  • Stress Echo
  • TMT
  • Holter Monitoring

Cardiac Cath Lab

With the best and most up-to-date lab facilities, diagnostic support, and an experienced team of the best cardiologists in Meerut, we have become a leader in preventing, diagnosing, and treating heart diseases. We have the most advanced technology and the best clinical facilities globally.

ECG Report

Nutema Hospital is known for using new medical technology and more personal care for its patients. It holds many health-related events regularly, such as health camps, free health check-ups, blood donation drives, and so on, to educate the public and reach out to the community.

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