Physiotherapy Section


The physiotherapy department at Nutema Hospital is one of the most modern, with cutting-edge computerised equipment and specialists in all subspecialties. We have a qualified and highly experienced team of physiotherapists who provide OPD services (direct and referral) and IPD services (in wards and intensive care units) using international standard treatment procedures to provide a multifaceted approach to patients' rehabilitation.

  • Well-stocked Medicine
  • High-tech Instruments
  • 24 Hours Emergency Service
  • Cutting-edge Technology

Assessment and Treatment

Assessment, treatment, advice, and instruction to any person prior to, for the purpose of, or in connection with movement dysfunction are all examples of physiotherapy. Pain relief from injury, disease, physical and mental illness using physical agents

Physiotherapy Treatment
Physiotherapy Doctor

The goal of a physiotherapist is to restore body function and reduce the impact of dysfunction, disability, and pain caused by trauma and disease. To improve mobility, health, and injury prevention.

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